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  1. All players, officials, coaches, instructors, and convenors must enter and exit the facility from the parking lot doors around back.
  2. All parents, spectators must enter the side doors and watch from above.
  3. All persons must wear masks when entering and exiting the facility. Only players, instructors, and officials (excluding timekeepers) are allowed the removal of masks as they enter the playing field.
  4. Parents picking up their child should be waiting in the vehicle to ensure physical distancing. We must avoid parent gathering in groups while they are waiting for session to end.
  5. All players and officials must come changed and ready to play. Changerooms will be closed. Players should bring individual drinking bottles and not share.
  6. Players can leave personal belongings behind their respective benches. Officials can leave belongings at the official’s box.
  7. Users must maximize their time slots to 50 minutes in the hour to allow for players to exit and the new players to enter the facility. Players should wait outside until players exit.
  8. All players and coaches should enter using the far gate onto the field and players who finish player should use the gate closest to the outside doors to exit.
  9. No outdoor cleats are allowed on the field. Only indoor flat shoes or turf shoes.

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